How to Deal with Allergies

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Allergies are caused by irritants that make your body or a particular part of the body react as part of the body’s defense. Different types of allergies require different kind of prevention and cure. To be able to deal with your allergy effectively, you have to know and understand first the type of allergy you have.

Common Symptoms of Allergies

Remember first that even if what causes allergies to two people are one and the same allergen, it does not mean that they will exhibit the same reaction to it. But normally, there are recurring signs for certain kinds of allergic reactions, like for house dusts, reactions may be seen through the irritations caused to the person’s mucus lining in his respiratory tract, or in the conjunctiva in his eye. When the effect is itching or hives its cause may be eczema or dermatitis. When the bronchial tubes are inflamed and the person is wheezing a lot the cause may be asthma but if he experiences runny nose this means rhinitis.

When a person breaks into a rash after eating fish or prawns, he is allergic to seafood.

Treatment for Allergies

There is really no cure for allergies. The available medications are there simply to decrease the symptoms and the discomfort. There are many medications that may be used to ease the symptoms like nasal sprays and eye drops. Though most doctors discourage its prolonged use some also turn to corticosteroids.

But now, there are plenty of drugs that can intervene in the different levels of a person’s immune reaction that cause the outward symptoms, such as, Antihistamines, anti-inflammatory drugs and decongestants. But for those with violent and more severe allergic symptoms, allergologists may recommend immunotherapy which would require allergy shots to be given to the person. But this would require knowledge on the specific allergens that cause his reactions. Identifying these allergens would require skin tests, which is one tedious and time consuming process. Hence, some alternative methods are suggested, like homeopathy, yoga, reiki and ayurveda.

Essentially, the best way to deal with allergies is to manage yourself properly. It will do you a lot of good to keep a logbook of your symptoms and your daily doings to see if there are patterns or there are deviations that may cause your allergies. This kind of monitoring may also give you insights into what you should be avoiding ans what you should be doing.

Although there may be instances that you would have to prohibit your child from doing some things that normal children like doing because of his allergies, be firm because in dealing with allergies you should remember that the medicines can only do so much, you also have to have a change in lifestyle so that he could cope better and he could avoid the symptoms. As a compromise, you may want to check on alternative physical activities for your kid that would not cause him allergies but would still entertain him and would still keep him happy.